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 Item Description

 Price each


  #1 How To Tutor Book -  $24.95 ea.  
  #2 Audio Pronunciation Tape -  $5.00 ea.  
  #3 Reading Workbook - $14.95 ea.  
  #4 Companion readers - $19.95 set  
  #5 Alpha-Phonics - CDROM $9.00 (Win95 +) - $9.00 ea.  
  #6 Cursive Writing Workbook - $11.95 ea.  
  #7 Addition / Subtraction Workbook - $19.95 ea.  
  #8 Multiplication / Division Workbook - $19.95 ea.  
  Alpha-Phonics CD-Rom plus Alpha-Phonics book (Book Special) $34.95 total  
  HTT Large Type Student Lesson Book -

 $19.95 ea.

  NEA - Trojan Horse in American Ed. - out of print   N/A  
  The Whole Language / OBE Fraud - out of print  N/A  
  Is Public Education Necessary - out of print N/A  
  Oral Reading Assessment Test - $19.95 ea.  
  Oral Reading Assessment Test Audio Tape  $5.00 ea.  
  Extra marking copies  $1.00 ea. (ppd.)  
  Alpha-Phonics - $34.95 ea.  
  Alpha-Phonics - 128 video lessons on Cd-Rom  $7.00 ea. (ppd.)  


Postage 1st item. Allow 9-12 working days
(Canada - add $4.00)
($7.50 Canada)
  Postage each additional item

$2.00 ea.



 Add $4.00 additional for UPS
Allow 7-8 working days (USA only)
   TOTAL -----------------------------------------
Idaho residence add 6% sales tax to total

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